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Property Management: Landlords Making Exceptions for Tenants can Create Problems

Sometimes residential owner-landlords lease out their properties to applicants who do not meet exacting standards. An example of this is when a prospective renter tells the landlord that they can afford the monthly rent, but need to break the security deposit into installments. The landlord might decide that this request is reasonable. This arrangement may work out fine, but in many instances the financially strapped tenant struggles to pay the rent. The fundamental issue is if a potential tenant has no savings to apply towards a security deposit, what will they do if an emergency expense arises during the rental period?

Security Deposits Should Always be Kept Separate from the Last Months Rent

Another dilemma may arise if the landlord agrees to let the security deposit function dually as the deposit and the last months rent. This circumstance is problematic if the tenant moves out and there are material damages to the home.

Utilizing a Residential Property Manager Takes the Strain off Owner-Tenant Relations

Residential owners, who are wary of the complications involved in being landlords, often decide to place their rental homes into property management. This decision take considerable stress off most owners, since property management companies take over the rental process, and oversee the operation of lease. For further information on property management in Agritopia, contact: Desert Wide Properties